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Global and China Solar Battery Industry Market Size, Analysis, Share, Research, Growth, Trends, Forecast 2014-2018

Development Status and Investment Prospect of Global and China Solar Battery Industry, 2014-2018

Reports overview:

Development Status and Investment Prospect of Global and China Solar Battery Industry, 2014-2018 mainly analyzes solar battery industry in the following aspects: market size, supply and demand, market competition and major solar battery manufacturing enterprises; meanwhile it also makes prediction on future solar battery market, so as to offer decision-making references for investors.

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Photovoltaic power generation industry is gradually accepted by numerous national governments who also encourage it to grow. In recent years, global photovoltaic power generation industry has witnessed rapid growth. The output of global photovoltaic solar batteries was 36.5GW in 2013, a year-on-year rise of 1.5%.

China’s solar battery manufacturing industry has equipped with scale advantages. In 2009 the output of solar batteries in China reached 4382MW with an increase of 66% over 2008, occupying 39.8% of global market shares and ranking the first across the world. And in 2013, the output of solar batteries in China achieved 28.86GW, a substantial growth year-on-year.

Table of contents:

1. Development Overview of Solar Battery Industry 
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.2 Analysis of Industry Chain

2. Development Situation of Global Solar Battery Industry
2.1 Status Analysis
2.2 Global Output

3. Operation Environment of China’s Solar Battery Industry
3.1 China Economic Development Environment
3.2 Policy Environment of Solar Battery Industry
3.3 Subsidy Policy for Photovoltaic Power Generation

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4. Development Status of China’s Solar Battery Industry
4.1 Scale of China’s Solar Battery Industry
4.1.1 Total Supply
4.1.2 Supply Structure
4.1.3 Supply Forecasting, 2014-2018
4.2 Demand Analysis
4.3 Development Trend, 2014-2018

5. Solar Battery Industry Chain 
5.1 Supply and Demand Analysis of Global Polycrystalline Silicon
5.1.1 Global Output
5.1.2 Global Consumption Volume
5.1.3 Global Supply and Demand in 2013 and Forecast in 2014
5.2 Supply and Demand of Polycrystalline Silicon in China
5.2.1 Supply in China
5.2.2 Consumption Volume in China

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